Day: April 20, 2017

Thursday, 20 April 2017

09:19 – It was 57F (14C) when I took Colin out at 0645 this morning, sunny and with a slight breeze. Rain and thunderstorms are to move in this afternoon.

This is a slow time of year for kit sales. We can go a week or more without a single order, and then get a small flurry of orders over a day or two. Yesterday, for example, we shipped three kits and got orders for five more, including four to Canada. I just hope those don’t take a detour through Paris, France like the kit we shipped to Canada late last month.

We’ve been watching various stuff on Netflix and Amazon streaming, including Roman Empire: Reign of Blood and Father Brown on Netflix and The First World War on Amazon. All of those are reasonably well done, although the Roman one, set during the reign of Commodus, is rather odd. I suppose it would be classed as a docu-drama, with costumed actors playing the Romans, interspersed with short talking-head interviews with various Classics professors to explain what’s going on. I must say I’m a bit disappointed with those professors, all of whom apparently learned Church Latin rather than Classic Latin. It’s a bit jarring to hear them (mis)pronounce most Latin names: lew-sill-uh rather than luh-kill-uh, mar-see-uh rather than mar-kee-uh, and so on. Guys (and girl), the Romans ALWAYS pronounced the letter C hard, as in K. If they wanted a modern soft C, they used S. Same problem with the classic Roman I, which in short form was pronounced “ih” and in long form was pronounced “ee”. Almost without exception, a terminal “i” was pronounced “ee” and never “eye”. For the long eye sound, the Romans used “ae”. I wonder if anyone still teaches Classic Latin nowadays.

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