Day: February 6, 2017

Monday, 6 February 2017

08:58 – It was 33.3F (~ 1C) when I took Colin out this morning.

Walmart may be serious about taking on Amazon. I ordered 18 jars of Bertolli alfredo sauce at 9:51 a.m. yesterday. I got a ship notification from Walmart at 2:29 p.m. yesterday, saying the order would arrive Wednesday.

I checked several other food items that we use routinely. Obviously, Amazon isn’t seriously competing in this market. Walmart’s prices were reasonable, a bit more than Costco or Sams charges. Amazon’s prices on these same items were at least twice and often three times as much. Get real.

Interesting article in the paper this morning. Sanity still prevails sometimes. A man in Elizabeth City, down near the coast, shot and killed his wife of 53 years. The DA was surprised that the grand jury declined to prosecute him, so he’s been freed.

As it turns out, his wife suffered from Alzheimer’s and was about to be moved to a care facility. Even the best of Alzheimer’s facilities are hell holes, and he obviously recognized that the woman he loved was gone and didn’t want her body to continue suffering. He must have known when he shot her that he’d probably spend the rest of his life in prison, but he obviously loved her enough that he was willing to pay that price. Obviously, the grand jury realized the situation and concluded that he was no threat to others and that no crime had been committed by any rational definition. Good for them.

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