Day: February 4, 2017

Saturday, 4 February 2017

09:35 – It was a lot chillier when I took Colin out this morning, 17.5F (-8C). It’s supposed to warm up a bit over the next few days.

FedEx showed up yesterday with my order from LDS online, a case of six #10 cans of dehydrated onions and two 100-packs of oxygen absorbers. The box was emblazoned with the LDS logo and its contents, so now the FedEx guy also knows I’m a prepper. Not that that matters much. Preppers are pretty thick on the ground around here. As is true of any rural area, it’s more common for people around here to have deep pantries than not.

With only the first 10% of February gone, we’re at 33% of last February’s kit revenues. We’re getting low stock on all of our science kits, so we spent some time yesterday making up chemical bags for chemistry kits. Next up is forensics kits. A multiple order late yesterday took us down to just one of those in stock, so we’ll get another batch made up. After that, biology kits, which we’re down to only half a dozen of. And amongst all this, I have to work on taxes. Grrrr.

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