Wednesday, 2 December 2015

07:32 – Happy Birthday to Barbara, who turns 3Dx today. I couldn’t think of a better gift than a new house.

With the movers due to arrive Friday morning, frantic packing continues. We won’t get it all finished by Friday, but we’ll get enough of it done that we probably won’t need to hire a U-Haul truck later.

Our Internet service in Winston-Salem is being disconnected tomorrow and it may take a day or two to get it working in Sparta, so this post or tomorrow morning’s post will be the last one here for a few days. Tomorrow evening will be our first time without a full-time Internet connection since 1990, when we were using a nailed-up modem connection for 24×7 Internet service. I guess we’ll have to do something old-fashioned, like reading.

14:55 – We got back about half an hour ago from a quick trip up to Sparta. We made a quick stop at the attorney’s office to pick up the deed and a refund for an overpayment, stopped at the Internet place to get the fiber broadband activated, stopped by to do a quick check of the house, and headed back down to Winston.

We’re trying very hard not to let this move interfere at all with our business. We try hard to ship orders the day they’re received or the next day if they arrive too late for us to get them out first-day. So far, we haven’t had to delay shipping even one kit by even one day. As a matter of fact, I just boxed up and shipped a kit that was ordered early this morning. I’d like to continue our perfect record. In the five years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never failed to meet that standard for in-stock kits, and we’ve almost never been out-of-stock on any kit.

Back to packing.

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  1. Miles_Teg says:

    Weird stuff in Adelaide. A man is attacked by three guys, defends himself with a knife, killing one and wounding the other two. He’s going to jail… 🙁

  2. nick says:

    Sounds like a trial balloon for UK style justice. You have to fight it HARD. Rally around this guy. Seriously. If you don’t it will only get worse.

    Letter to the editor of the paper for their disgusting sympathetic treatment of the attackers’ families, and for their disgusting lack of empathy for the attacked or his family.

    Surely there are local advocacy groups?

    This is the pebble that starts the avalanche. If you don’t stop it now, you are fucked.


  3. MrAtoz says:

    Weird stuff in Adelaide.

    I didn’t see one quote of support for the guy who defended himself. I guess the MSM in Oz is the same as the US. Didn’t the guy have any friends and family to support him?

  4. Jenny says:

    Still dealing with parental stuff. Lining up hospice, etc. looking forward to returning home.

    Regarding the Adelaide thing. Maybe not quite so cut and dry self defense according to this
    older article.

  5. nick says:

    Hmmm, that does put it in rather a different light.

    Still, in the US, use of force laws are tricky.

    The fact that he went home, got a weapon, then went back out suggests an attack.

    In most states, even if he instigated the whole thing, if he tried to disengage and stopped fighting, but was then (again) attacked by the 3 guys, it would in fact be self defense. The whole concept of “we don’t shoot to kill, we shoot to stop the threat” is critical here and for staying out of jail. Once the threat is stopped, (if Wise retreated and disengaged) that is the end of the justification for self defense for the 3, and if they continued, it would provide a self defense justification to Wise even though he initiated the whole conflict.

    It looks like his lawyer couldn’t make that stick or that the law is different down there, or he didn’t disengage.

    The article is still pretty one sided, and the judge sounds like he ignored or exceeded the wishes of the jury, so there is still more to the story.

    It does point out the risks of self defense, or of coming to the aid of another. No one wins if it comes to violence.


    (alcohol and domestic violence, what a toxic stew)

  6. OFD says:

    Back in ye olden days of yore, of wooden ships and iron men, or was it iron ships and wooden men, I forget; OFD was on The Job and the most dreaded and dangerous call to go on, and still is, are domestics. Could be hubby and wifey, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, whatever; but we could count on two things: some kind of substance abuse was always involved, usually booze. And, there was always a weapon of some kind in the house. Key points: Separate the warring parties and keep them both outta the kitchen; watch their hands at all times. Don’t go in without a backup.

    And still, there was always some kind of huge monkey wrench in the mix; wives demanding that you arrest the husband and when you do, they attack you, etc. Spouses taken to legit “safe houses” who, upon arrival, phone up the hubby or bf with their location, etc.

    I can’t speak for all cops and ex-cops, but I’d rather have gone to armed robberies in progress and car wrecks and fires than any domestics.

    Overcast and rain and snow showers all week up here, temps in the 30s. Meanwhile the glass in our wood stove has to be replaced; the ancient crappy dishwasher just shit the bed; and the only good nooz is that we’ll get our living room ceiling done sometime next week while Mrs. OFD is teaching a class down in Burlap. Also gotta stack the new load of kiln-dried firewood and assemble more firewood racks. And stow all the yard tools and gear under shelter.

    Working meanwhile on the radio and firearms go-bags and testing comm freqs in this AO; hope to get out this winter on the skis and snowshoes and try out some higher elevations with portable “jungle” antennas. Also signing up for NRA firearms training classes and eventual instructor certs. And studying up for the ham licenses, shortwave antenna configs, SHTF community intel, and a review of map reading and land navigation for this AO.

    OFD is trying to slide along, like the snail on a rusty razor’s edge, between generating revenue via the net and the wonders of electricity, and believing in and preparing for the future here in large parts of North Murka being meatspace.

  7. nick says:

    I did this for a rack:

    It’s very easy, and strong, and quick! One add on would be to screw a spreader between the verticals near the top (on the sides.)

    It’s surprisingly stable when loaded.


  8. Chad says:

    I see there’s been a shooting in San Bernardino, CA.
    Cue the “How many times does this have to happen before we get serious about gun control?!” crowd.

  9. nick says:

    Early reports are almost always wrong, but,

    3 shooters working together, escaped in SUV

    That sounds like a plan to me.


  10. nick says:

    And for the “Not like us” file, keep in mind this is happening with rule of law:

    How could they? Two attackers ‘stole a disabled man’s phone, filmed themselves savagely beating him then posted the horrifying video to victim’s OWN Facebook page’

    Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey, both 20, charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder
    Walker and Bey are suspected of stealing a phone from a 23-year-old man suffering from cerebral palsy and then beating him unconscious

    Read more:

  11. nick says:

    “police hunt for three ‘white men dressed in ski masks and military gear'”

    What makes them think they are “white men” if they were wearing ski masks?


  12. OFD says:

    We gotta get these guns off the street…we gotta get these guns off the street…

    (tape loop 1)

    Whatever it takes to stop gun violence…whatever it takes to stop gun violence…

    (tape loop 2)

    We don’t want to take your guns away…we don’t want to take your guns away…

    (tape loop 3)

    And the two subhuman goblins who attacked the disabled guy like that need to be put down like rabid animals, not warehoused at the taxpayers’ expense while watching cable tee-vee, surfing the net, getting the three hots and the cot, doing dope, engaging in sodomy, working out so they’re bigger than pro football players, and then coming right back out again to commit more mayhem.

    Take a page from the Chicom playbook; line ’em up on the edge of a big pit filled with quicklime and park a round in their primitive brain stems, one each. Make regular videos of this and distribute them to the social media they constantly screw around with, the regular MSM, and the prisons.

    Got that program going good? Now start on the hadji infiltrators….college humanities professors…lawyers…financial speculators and con artists…gummint bureaucrats and politicians….90% of the armed forces brass…ditto LE brass…

  13. OFD says:

    “What makes them think they are “white men” if they were wearing ski masks?”

    Hahahaha….good one, Mr. nick!

  14. nick says:

    Stock your trauma kit.

    If you have a business, put it on the wall.

    Per doctrine, first responders will be focused on ‘stopping the threat’ and not triage. You are on your own.

    Bracken’s Tet article is front and center on my mind… If it’s a team, If they got away.


  15. OFD says:

    I’ll have a trauma kit in each go-bag, each vehicle, and back at the house. Also vehicle gun holster mounts on the driver’s side attached to the center console at knee level. (plus whatever EDC is on me, plus one or the other go-bag in the vehicle, too).

    First thing to remember, besides getting outta the line of fire (from either perps or the LE and troops arriving or both), is to ID an immediate escape route and GTFO.

    Agreed that if it’s a planned team op out there in San Berdoo, the perps probably had/have other vehicles close by and are long gone. The cops could get lucky or they can wait until someone drops a dime on them.

  16. Lynn says:

    Still dealing with parental stuff. Lining up hospice, etc. looking forward to returning home.

    Did the hospital nurses or social worker have a hospice for you? Usually they know of several places.

  17. nick says:

    I’ve got “trauma bags” in both vehicles, my “blow out kit” (small bag focus on stab or gunshot) that lives in my range bag and goes in my carry on bag when traveling. I’ve got a big trauma bag as my main medical bag in the house. I put one together for my favorite ‘toy’ store too. Nothing like an ND in the store to put a hurtin’ on someone.

    Does your range or store have a good kit somewhere handy?

    I was just thinking as I lay in bed this morning that real first response to an active shooter, esp. at a school (since that’s my personal fear) needs a gym bag full of trauma care. One israeli bandage and one CAT are not gonna cut it if you are unlucky enough to be the one.

    Is it a risk worth prepping for? I guess that’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. Personally, a gym bag with a package of generic maxi-pads, a couple dozen gloves, a dozen ace bandages (or conformal wrap), and a box of 4″ gauze pads, and a couple rolls of 1″ gorilla tape is pretty cheap. Like a fire extinguisher you might never need it, but if you do… you REALLY need it.


  18. nick says:

    BTW, meta on the coverage so far is hammering on “body armor.”

    Expect that to be next.


    just mentioned body armor again.

  19. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    We can’t say enough good things about Hospice, both of us having gone through it with our parents. They’re on our “every year” list.

    Incidentally, I’d be interested in what you guys chose for your various kits. You should post it here. (And, yes, I know that most kits are being revised constantly.) I noticed that none of you guys included leeches, just in case you need to bleed a patient. That was the latest thing back when I graduated from med school in 1587.

  20. nick says:

    Leeches are still in use, as are maggots.

    Leeches encourage blood flow to severed and reattached extremities, and maggots are used to treat chronic wounds, or wounds with necrotic tissue.

    They are specially grown for medical use, and are sterile.


  21. nick says:

    Ok, I’ll bite, since I’m in serious work avoidance mode.

    And I’ve got my ‘blowout kit’ right here in my range bag.

    Small samsonite toiletries bag, about 2.5x4x7 inches, that unzips in a clamshell and lays flat.

    Loose in the middle,
    israeli bandage
    trauma shears
    medical tape
    maglite (if you use led, it must have good color rendering)
    3 pr gloves

    in the loops on one side
    4x sterile pad, 3×3 folded in half
    1x roll kerlix
    1x roll gauze
    4x sterile pad, 3×3 folded in half
    extra shears

    in the zippered mesh pouch on the other side
    8x assorted size and shape fabric bandaids
    4x alcohol prep pads
    2x single use Povidone-iodine ointment
    4x kleenhanz antimicrobial moist towelettes
    1x envelope of wound closure strips (steri-strips) 8 @3 inches
    2x maxi-pads, full size, generic, no fragrance
    1x package, 2 @4×4 topper dressing sponges
    1x 4×4 Exuderm OdorShield (what I had handy as a chest seal)
    1x black sharpie marker
    1x sheet of paper, folded for notes

    So there is some stuff in there that is not strictly gun shot treatment, but then I don’t have to carry another ‘boo boo’ kit (although I carry my altoids can one whenever I’m with the kids.)

    The bags in my vehicles are scaled up versions of the blowout kit, and include gorilla tape, more of everything, ice packs, etc. I’d have to get one out to go thru and list it all.


  22. nick says:

    Ok, ‘boo boo kit’ in an altoids tin, goes in pocket whenever I go anywhere with the kids.

    Loose, or in top half

    6x assorted shapes and sizes fabric bandaids, incl one big enough for a scraped knee
    3x sheets of rite-n-rain notepad paper.
    3x imodium anti-diarrhea med

    tucked firmly and completely into the bottom half
    6x alcohol wipes
    1x single use triple antibiotic cream
    1x small tube crazy glue
    4x fabric knuckle bandaids
    1x One third of a paper book of matches
    1x wooden golf pencil
    1x prethreaded sewing needle, 18 inch black thread, wrapped around pencil
    1x lens cleaner wipe
    2x stick of caffinated chewing gum (BlackBlack, from asia)
    1x safety pin

    It is a little puffy, and won’t quite stay closed by itself, so I have a rubber bracelet around the outside (like the ‘live strong’ bracelets)

    I also wrote “med only” on it to remind myself not to put anything with a blade in it so I can take it on the plane.

    If I had a small tweezer, I’d include that too. and since I carry a credit card sized magnifier in my wallet, I don’t need one in my kit.


  23. OFD says:

    So the med blowout kit is itself the Samsonite toiletries bag and then inside the range bag? i.e., all that stuff fits in the toiletries bag?

    Just closely read that whole Bracken piece on “Tet 2016;” I’d only just glanced quickly at it the other day via the Western Rifle Shooters email I get. I get it that Europe is probably toast, unless the nationalist elements over there can get up to speed really fast and connect with any sympathetic armed forces and LE people, and even then it will look like Beirut and Sarajevo anyway. What struck me, however, is how this scenario might play out over here in North Murka, where our socialist and hadji-symp political and corporate leaders have long since opened the gates to unlimited immigration and so-called refugees. Deliberately and with malice aforethought, just as it’s been done from Brussels.

    Our history and culture has diverged quite a bit from “old Europe’s’ and we are the third most populous country in the world, with half a billion firearms and hundreds of thousands of veterans of multiple wars and conflicts. And I’d figure on at least half of the LE “street” personnel to be on our side, ditto the regular troops in the armed forces. If the hadjis start lighting off Paris-level attacks simultaneously in our major cities I have zero doubt that the government will implement martial law and lay on the troops, armor and aircraft accordingly. And most peeps will be weeping on their knees with profound gratitude and relief.

    I sincerely hope not, but if I was a hadji “mastermind” type and wanted to kick off a nice campaign of violence over here, I’d strike during the coming Xmas shopping frenzy we have here every year. Simultaneously at the major sporting events and selected government power centers.

  24. DadCooks says:

    “They are among us”

    Listening to Michael Savage and watching Shep Smith in all his glory on Fox News.

    Obola is in his gun control mode as well as Cankles and the rest of the left, their speechifying has already begun.

    According to Michael Savage’s sources this is an ISIS hit and their is at least one name known with 2 others.

    The manure has hit the rotating air-moving device and the majority of the folks are oblivious.

  25. Miles_Teg says:

    Ah, thanks Jenny for finding that srticle. Puts a different slant on it.

    My niece’s hubbie used to be a cop, he quit about 10 years ago. He said the domestics made him puke, literally.

    Yep, Jerry’s on the job…

    “This seems to be happening every week now, and I’m afraid we’re getting inured to it. I have no response except to say that we need to clamp down on gun ownership in this country.”

  26. OFD says:

    “… we need to clamp down on gun ownership in this country.”

    Sure. Clamp down on me, RBT, Mr. nick, et. al. and leave us defenseless against criminals, terrorists, and rogue cops and gummint thugs. Over my dead body and from my cold dead hands.

    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  27. nick says:

    Shooting update, 14 dead 14 injured, suspects unaccounted for, pursuing leads.

    No shots exchanged with cops, may not have left before cops arrived, only there for ‘a few minutes.’

  28. nick says:

    I think I might have to move the truck gu n back to the truck. That would be the one I got when someBLM looked like they might be going national. KSG. Red dot, foregrip.

    As to the confiscators, I ask every one “How many Americans are you willing to kill to accomplish your aims?” “HOW MANY?” “How many kids? How many fathers? How many moms?” Follow up with “What makes you think YOU should decide who gets to live or die?” Do it in person, do it on social media. No mistake, this is not Australia. If they try, people WILL DIE. No free Ruby Ridge, no free Waco.

    On the plus side, gun sales would seem to indicate that the people are voting with their money.


  29. MrAtoz says:

    I love how the FBI has proclaimed we don’t know if this is a bunch of terrorists. I guess three organized murderous thugs don’t qualify as terrorists. Just your run of the mill WHITEY! out for a romp. So let’s take those guns away to keep WHITEY! from killing people. I bet if one of the victims is of color, a hate crime will be declared. When they are caught, let’s see how the MSM plays it out based on race. Kill WHITEY!

  30. Jenny says:

    Yes, we’ve had several excellent recommendations. Sibling also has very good friend who specializes in helping families navigate end of life care and the inevitable hoops on getting it all paid for and coordinated. She knows the ‘good’ facilities from the ‘bad’ and has been feeding us the right questions to ask and where to push back when we don’t like the answers. Amazing.

    The tricky but is getting things lined up so when we all go back to our respective homes (closest family member is 500 miles, and is also least competent) dads care won’t immediately fall apart. Mom needs to take batter care of herself, give up drinking/smoking to reduce probability of third heart attack. I don’t see that happening. She thinks she has concealed her alcoholism from all including her doctor.

    Free will. What a double edged sword.

  31. nick says:

    @OFD, yep all that fits in the little Samsonite bag. The bag goes into my range bag most of the time. Since I don’t travel with the range bag, the blowout kit goes into my carryon. I checked the TSA rules, and trauma shears meet the rules for allowed scissors, and they didn’t steal them on my last trip.

    I like toiletries organizers or cosmetics organizers for medical bags. They fold open flat, sometimes with a pouch that folds out again for a tri fold, they have zippered mesh pouches and elastic loops. They are super cheap at yard sales and thrift stores, and some of them are better quality than the chinese import tactical bags. No external molle, but that’s not a problem. I like them about 8 x 9 x 3 inches for truck bags. Big enough to hold a lot of supplies, small enough to fit under a seat. I wouldn’t recommend the classic ‘dopp’ bag, or any other that just zips open on the top (shaving bag). You want it to fold open and lay flat so you can see everything.

    I (being cheap and inventive) use a really sturdy and high end camera bag for my range bag. It is heavy duty, with pockets, pouches, dividers, a great padded strap, and has some structure so it protects and holds it’s shape. I got it for $3 at a sale. No one carries extra lenses and camera bodies anymore, so used camera bags are cheap.


    BTW, @RBT, I sometimes wish there was a way to post photos, without linking to a sharing site, so as to preserve some measure of anonymity… any chance of a dropbox?

  32. nick says:

    As I watch the army of law milling around the site in CA, all I can think is “Who’s watching the store?” Cali doesn’t have hundreds of spare officers sitting around to take up the slack.


  33. Lynn says:

    Yes, we’ve had several excellent recommendations. Sibling also has very good friend who specializes in helping families navigate end of life care and the inevitable hoops on getting it all paid for and coordinated. She knows the ‘good’ facilities from the ‘bad’ and has been feeding us the right questions to ask and where to push back when we don’t like the answers. Amazing.

    For nursing homes XXXXXX XXXXX skilled nursing centers, one of my friends investigated 60 of them for her mother about ten years ago. Her rule is, “if it smells like urine when you walk in, turn around and walk out”. My wife put her father into a nursing / rehab center last year after an extended hospital stay. The first place we moved him into smelled like urine but the subsequent two nursing / rehab centers did not which he liked (the second move was to get closer to his girlfriend and his other daughter). I wonder if hospices can be selected by the same rule?

    Free will. What a double edged sword.

    Yup, God gave it to us. Autonomous, replicating beings that are exquisitely and lovingly designed. We sure can muck it up.

  34. OFD says:

    “BTW, @RBT, I sometimes wish there was a way to post photos, without linking to a sharing site, so as to preserve some measure of anonymity… any chance of a dropbox?”

    I second that; a pic is worth a thousand words, as somebody or other used to say back in the mythological days of yore. When peeps still read books and looked at still pictures known as “art,” nothing like what has passed for it since, oh, 1900 or so.

    I suppose any of us could set up a dropbox-type site and we could all, password-protected, dump worthwhile pics and vids to it of our prepping stuff.

    (thanks for them bag tips, Mr. nick; I’ve been wondering how best to organize my chit like that)

    Local FM “album” station (plays their selected list of “top” 70s and 80s stuff) just confirmed the 14 dead and 14 wounded/injured in San Berdoo and also that up to three perps are MIA somewhere. Hell, by now they could be in Lost Wages or Sugarland; lock and load, homies!

  35. OFD says:

    “Yup, God gave it to us. Autonomous, replicating beings that are exquisitely and lovingly designed.”

    And become, 80% of us, just ordinary schmuck homo sapiens sapiens who try their best to get through the day without committing evil or having it committed on them. Ten percent actual angels and saints, probably. And ten percent either demons or in league with demons. Examples of the latter abound, of course; they get all the press.

  36. MrAtoz says:

    I second that; a pic is worth a thousand words

    Dirty stuff, too.

    Wanna see my weiner?

  37. MrAtoz says:

    Looks like one suspect dead in San B. No race calls, yet.

  38. nick says:

    What a vicious weiner. My sister has had 2, and mine looks like a weiner chihuahua mix.

    Doxies are fun.

    I believe I’ve linked to the local doxie races before?


  39. Rick H says:

    @RBT et. al.

    Regarding images in comments, there are several plugins that Robert could add. It is not clear if any of them work on the latest WP version, and some of the available plugins are apparently abandoned).

    (RBT: I can investigate further, if you are so inclined, since you are a bit busy. Just PM me.)

  40. nick says:

    The video of gunshots on zerohedge has a ton of rounds fired. Can’t quite make out if there is full auto, but there is a couple of quick mag dumps for sure.

    All suspects down, and further arrests being made.

    No one blew up. One Female suspect. Hmm, white males?


  41. nick says:


    I can see where images might get out of hand, or be abused, but there are times when I’d really like to share a pic (that I took) without linking to it on the web somewhere.


  42. nick says:

    Huge banner on Daily Mail:

    “Guns kill 14 More”

    I guess my guns are defective, they’ve never gone on a rampage or killed anyone.


  43. nick says:

    The idea is a poor mans IFAK, which I bought too. One very like this:

    For more choices:

    I decided it wasn’t enough for a truck kit, and was too much for a range bag.


  44. nick says:

    So the NY Daily News has lost it’s freaking mind.

    Attacking people for offering prayers, dancing in the blood of the victims, and pushing the same old tired NAZI gun control and confiscation agenda. For fuck’s sake.


  45. nick says:

    Oh, by the way, a mall and a school were both shut down today over “man with a gun” calls.

    Did we dodge the other 2 events that were supposed to happen?


  46. OFD says:

    I’d say it’s time by now to just ditch the MSM; they’re friggin’ useless. Mostly lies, made-up shit, agitprop for their masters, and endless advertising/shilling crappy products Not Made in the U.S.A.

    The net has been, and is, good for some stuff, but I more and more believe the future is Meatspace. This will utterly freak out the younger generations, but too bad. We’ll have to actually talk to people F2F and get to know them again.

    I like your bag choices, Mr. nick; they look normal and do not scream tacticool. Fun vibrant colors; who knew that the cute blue one with penguins is crammed with C4? Or that the orange and yellow one has several Magpul mags crammed with customized dum-dums in 5.56?

  47. OFD says:

    “Europe has no monopoly on hubris, ideology-induced myopia, and grandiose visions detached from reality. The American representative at the UNCCC is, after all, Barack Obama. While an ocean physically separates Europe and America, they are next-door neighbors philosophically. The US is following European footsteps: intervening in the Middle East and its historic enmities and conflicts, inserting itself in myriad unsavory machinations and intrigues, and establishing ostensible puppets that invariably end up pulling the strings of their supposed puppet masters. The US marches down Europe’s ruinous economic path as well.”

    I don’t agree with his final para concerning us sharing Europe’s fate, though; as we know full well, 330 million peeps with half a billion firearms and a long history of bellicose and hostile behavior, spearheaded by Anglo-Saxons and Celts.

  48. MrAtoz says:

    Now that we know one of the shooters is a Mooslim, Obuttwad and the libturds are shitting bricks. It will only get worse with Oboladouche for the next year. Geez. I’m thinking of moving to France. Do they alow weiner dogs?

  49. ech says:

    I love how the FBI has proclaimed we don’t know if this is a bunch of terrorists. I guess three organized murderous thugs don’t qualify as terrorists.

    It might have been a revenge killing of government workers, a drug war dispute, etc. In the absence of statements from witnesses, manifestos being released, etc. it’s better to wait and see. The reporting I heard on the local late news was very disjointed, it’s not even clear from their report if it was 2 or 3 shooters.

  50. MrAtoz says:

    You gotta love this headline from Drudge:

    “They have active-shooter drills every month or so.” at the Inland Center Regional Center.

    The murderers were gone by the time the police arrived. They train there a lot for this situation and that’s the best they could do. So, yeah, Obola, take our guns away. The police will save us all every time.

  51. nick says:

    This is the updated current version of the bag I use as a range bag, near as I can tell.

    Still looks like a camera bag, so no help with the thieves, but man is it sturdy. And at $3 you can’t beat it.

    Before this I used an Eddie Bauer ballistic nylon briefcase.

    I don’t really like advertising what I’m carrying. Everyone recognizes black or OD bags covered with molle. I looked at the tennis bag styled one for my KSG but I don’t have a reason to carry a tennis racket either 🙂 So now I’m looking for a bat bag. That wouldn’t look quite so out of place in my truck, and lots of guys are weekend warriors with a softball team.

    That’s also the reason I have a couple of regular backpacks instead of some maxpedition or tactical tailor gear bags. I thought hard about what backpack I’d take on my last vacation as a carryon, and decided against the 5.11 Rush I got for a couple of bucks (even though it was the new sexy in my closet), and chose an out of date, but very robust laptop bookbag style backpack from Targus. Super solid and sturdy bag from when lappys weighed 15 pounds and you’d be carrying books too. Black, lots of pockets, padding and good suspension, and NOT tacticool.

    From my misspent youth, I got the advice to NOT wear all black when roaming around at night. Wear dark over light, and if you have a problem (or cause one), lose the dark layer. No one expects the sneaky bad guy to be wearing a white shirt at night…. I’ve kind of extended that to my life in general.


  52. OFD says:

    When seconds count….etc….

    We gotta get these guns off the street…etc.

    Note the targets in all these cases: schools, healthcare facilities, concerts, theaters, restaurants, etc.; all usually unarmed and defenseless civilians. Never army bases, police stations, or NRA HQ. What does this tell us? Terrorist cowards.

    But hey, keep “clamping down” on gun rights for us ordinary Mundanes and keep ramping up SWAT for overdue library books and organic carrot farms.

    What else does this tell us? That the Euro and North Murkan elites WANT this stuff to happen and rejoice in civilian casualties and the consequent increase in their police-state powers, which they won’t use in defense of us Mundanes.

    Watch how the info gets distributed in the MSM over the next few days and also the event at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado the other day; and then note the sort of info we’ve gotten since the cop massacre of bikers in Texas a while back. Or what the status is of that nutball who murdered the people in the movie theater in CO even further back.

    Note also that all two or three or however many of the latest suspects could turn out to be moslem scumbags and our Dear Leader and his minions would STILL insist and admonish us that we can’t simply ascribe this to terrorism. That would be hateful, you see, and possibly rayciss, too.

  53. OFD says:

    “I don’t really like advertising what I’m carrying. Everyone recognizes black or OD bags covered with molle.”

    Or cammie, with neat “morale” patches advertising how I’m a counter-sniper and “Hadjis Don’t Surf” and MACSOG.

    Camera and toiletry bags, absolutely. Low profile, gray man. No gun stickers, nothing like that on the vehicles, no veteran stuff. Sports, mainly, or wildlife preservation decals. If I lived down in Megalopolis I’d probably lose the beard and long hair, too, but up this way it fits right in. I look like one of the local yokel farmer/hunter types; consider hunter orange clothing articles and bags, too. Who would carry a bunch of C4 or dum-dums in a loud orange bag??

    In retrospect I’m kinda surprised I wasn’t SWATed on my recent trips this past year to NJ, PA and Boston. There was NO ONE else like me be-bopping along the Boston waterfront. Or Valley Forge.

  54. OFD says:

    “…So far, we haven’t had to delay shipping even one kit by even one day. As a matter of fact, I just boxed up and shipped a kit that was ordered early this morning. I’d like to continue our perfect record. In the five years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never failed to meet that standard for in-stock kits, and we’ve almost never been out-of-stock on any kit.”

    Out-fucking-standing, sir. Hats off!

    And continue the practice of taking a break or some downtime this week; don’t kill yerselves on the move; y’all aint, like most of us here, spring poultry anymore.

    Best wishes from northwestern Retroville

  55. nick says:

    Yeah, they are already laying the groundwork. The Boston murderers were just two brothers, americans, who didn’t commit a terrorist act. Actually said that on TV.

    One small quibble, since Clinton disarmed the military, there have in fact been terror attacks on them, remember Ft Hood and Carolina. Because they’ve been disarmed.

    Back to the analysis, immediately it was WHITE MEN with machine guns.

    I just listened to jugears flapping his lie hole, and I got a little physically sick. Mental health screening, no fly lists, I guess we just throw out the whole innocent until proven thing and deny basic rights to people who haven’t done anything actionable, but that we don’t like. That is pretty much the definition of a tyranny.

    And Cuomo- he can STFU and die.

    ATM they’re talking about the psychology of a mass shooter. “So many opportunities to just not do it.” Psych talking head is talking about how were conditioned to not snitch. Now she’s saying we’ll never really understand what was going thru the shooter’s mind. THEY DON’T GET IT. IT’S A HOLY WAR. They are RIGHTEOUS. Now they’re asking her about a disgruntled employee and a disagreement at the party, at least psych is shooting that down as unlikely since it looks organized and planned and they were gunned up.

    And now smiling segue to weather. Sunny day!



  56. nick says:

    Daily Mail is running with the :

    “Government holiday party guest ‘left after argument, came back armed and killed at least 14 in rampage’ ” story.

    Even though there were several people involved. Even though they had pipe bombs. And were armored and gunned up. And that it doesn’t look like any other case of workplace violence ever. Name one where the shooter came, with friends, shot the place up, and LEFT. Oh, and had bombs ready to go, that actually worked.


  57. nick says:

    On the plus side, this guy is going to get fukced in jail…

    ” Cop who put gun to man’s head during traffic stop is found guilty of assault, and faces 45 years in prison

    In May, Officer Jenchesky Santiago placed a gun to a man’s head during a traffic stop. Today he was found guilty of assault, misconduct, and using a firearm during a violent crime.”


  58. OFD says:

    “And now smiling segue to weather. Sunny day!”

    “Even though there were several people involved.”

    What’s fun here is watching the MSM twist and dance and dodge all around the various “facts” that show up as the carnival runs on. By the time they get through, with government supervision, of course, none of us will ever know what the fuck, who the fuck, why the fuck, how the fuck, or anything much for real about the event. Not really. We STILL don’t know all the stuff about the JFK and MLK and RK assassinations half a century ago!

    “… and faces 45 years in prison…”

    Yeah, they SAY that but do we really believe he’ll get anywhere near that? Ima gon guess about five years tops, in plush accomodations. Maybe even suspended.

  59. nick says:

    @ech, I think the point is, no matter what happens, you get these administration @ssholes who IMMEDIATELY say “It’s not terrorism.” Before the bodies are even cold, before ANYTHING is known, they’re SURE it’s not terrorism. Don’t know any other thing, how many there were, where they’re from, or what they did, but it’s always “NOT TERRORISM.”

    Some nineteen year old leaves a koran in the toilet and it’s terrorism. 14 people are killed by a group, organized, armored (reportedly), with an exit plan and prepared bombs, and before any single thing is known, they’re screaming in all caps that IT”S NOT TERRORISM.

    Well, one of these times it will be.


  60. nick says:

    Oh, now the FBI ‘isn’t ruling out terrorism’ even though it “has all the earmarks of workplace violence.”

    Feinstain is going on about the no fly list and assault weapons again. Boxer is rambling about children. Now some other shitstain congressman is going on about ‘loopholes’.

    All dems trotting out the same old crap. And the media repeating the same old lies, no background checks for online sales or gunshows again.

    Dangerous times for freedom.


    and bedtime for me.

  61. OFD says:

    “Don’t know any other thing, how many there were, where they’re from, or what they did, but it’s always “NOT TERRORISM.”

    As was illustrated nicely by our very own Dear Leader before the blood in Paris had congealed on the pavement there. You can bet your ass that if another Timothy McVeigh comes along and does something similar it will be TERRORISM immediately, or what the usual suspects are calling the recent Colorado murders…”domestic terrorism.”

    “… even though it “has all the earmarks of workplace violence.”

    Just like that piece of shit hadji shrink at Fort Hood. Mrs. OFD was on the scene there that same night to deal with survivors.

    “Dangerous times for freedom.”

    Indeed. And just wait until we get some more of these incidents, only worse, as time goes by and more peeps are willing to give up whatever illusory freedumb they have now for alleged security. Which is an obscene joke and has been for quite some time; for those with short memory spans, 9/11 comes to mind. Great security that day; I bet those folks jumping out of the towers were ever so grateful.

    Wunnerful security in Boston, too, where our intel geniuses were tipped off by the evil Russians that the older brother was a loose fucking cannon. Oh, and now that I mention it, Logan Airport there was where several of the 9/11 scum took off from, including the mysterious Mr. Atta, who’s been spotted in several locations in the years since.

  62. SteveF says:

    What else does this tell us? That the Euro and North Murkan elites WANT this stuff to happen and rejoice in civilian casualties and the consequent increase in their police-state powers

    I don’t think this is actually the case, that they affirmatively want a steady trickle of death and destruction. But, to once again bring in the oh-so-useful metric, what would they be doing differently if they did?

  63. DadCooks says:

    Yesterday we had 4+ inches of global warming snow followed by freezing global warming rain this morning. When are we going to get serious about the biggest problem in the world.

    Oh, BTW, the radical moslems are among us. Not just recent “refugees” but second and third generations committed to jihad.

    I like Trump’s recent recommendation that we just don’t round up the radical moslems, but their entire family who are facilitating jihad.

    I’m glad my mind is fading, I can’t remember where I put the new shotgun I got my Wife for Christmas. BTW, she didn’t want no damn pink camo, it is nice and black and she likes the racking sound when pumping.

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