Thursday, 26 March 2015

09:19 – It now appears that that German airliner was intentionally crashed by a suicidal/homicidal maniac co-pilot who had locked the pilot out of the cockpit. No word yet on whether the co-pilot was a muslim nutcase or just an ordinary nutcase.

Barbara and I need something new to watch, so I’m burning DVDs of series eight of Heartland. The final episode doesn’t officially run until Sunday, but I have the first 17 episodes, which’ll hold us until I can get the final episode. They’re running a preview streaming of the final episode today in Canada, so it’ll probably be available via torrent tomorrow. I’ll probably burn these to DVD+RW discs rather than DVD+R because the official boxed set will be available for purchase by September or October. I’ve bought the official boxed sets for all seven available seasons as they’re released, and will continue doing so as long as the series continues.

Today I’ll be working on kit stuff and the prepping book. I have to make up 8 L of one solution for the biology kits and bottle it, which is the last thing I need to make up a bunch more biology kits.

The doorbell rang at 0643 yesterday. It was Hasani, one of the neighborhood kids, asking if he could borrow a cane for a school project. Barbara’s alarm is set for 0645. When it goes off, she showers and I take Colin out the front and get the paper. I see Hasani most mornings, so he knew we’d be up when he rang the bell.

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to Mary, Kim’s mom, and she mentioned that they’d had a scare that morning. She said that someone rang their doorbell in the middle of the night and that she and Kim had called the police. At first Mary said it had been at 4 or 5 that morning, but when I mentioned Hasani ringing our bell at 0643 she said it might have been around then. I said I’d ask Hasana when he brought the cane back after school and Mary asked me not to say anything. She’s in her 80’s and is sometimes a bit vague, especially when she’d just woken up. I think she was worried that people would think she was foolish. I reassured her that she’d done exactly the right thing, which is also what the cops told her.

Of course, I asked Hasani if it had been him. He’s in middle school but he’s a really big boy, about as tall as I am. I told him that Mary and Kim had been scared when he rang their bell while it was still dark out. I didn’t want to make the kid think he’d done anything wrong, but told him that he needed to remember that women living on their own tend to be nervous about unexpected visitors when it’s dark out. I ignored Mary’s request because I wanted to make sure that it had been him and not a potential intruder. I’ll talk to Kim today and let her know that she doesn’t need to worry about the person who rang her doorbell.

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27 Responses to Thursday, 26 March 2015

  1. Ray Thompson says:

    muslim nutcase

    Repetitious. You are repeating yourself.

  2. Miles_Teg says:

    Anyone ringing my doorbell at 6.45 am would get a very frosty reception.

  3. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I’m a lot more laid-back than you are.

    I will admit that I considered answering the door while holding a shotgun, but I figured it was probably Hasani. Don’t forget, I had Colin with me and he does an incredibly vicious looking threat display. Compared to Colin in full threat mode, Cujo looks harmless.

  4. pcb_duffer says:

    [snip] You are repeating yourself. [snip]

    OFD repeats himself on a regularly scheduled basis. Mr. Atoz repeats himself with his ad hominem name calling against the President. And so it goes.

  5. Dave B. says:

    At least nobody has said here that Nixon, Johnson and Carter were better Presidents than Obama.

  6. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Of the current crop, I think Rand Paul is the best of a bad lot. I wish he were more like his father.

  7. MrAtoz says:

    Mr. Atoz repeats himself with his ad hominem name calling against the President

    I’ve also pointed out President OshitForBrains many weaknesses as President. Nothing ad hominem about that. Weakest leader evah. Just look at the Bergdahl fiasco. Benghazi, Iran negotiations, Irag, Afghanistan, immigration, Obolacare, defying a federal judges order, numerous racial allegations (NAACP “bombing”, Zimmerman, beer summit), on and on.

    But I repeat myself. lulz

  8. SteveF says:

    No word yet on whether the co-pilot was a muslim nutcase

    Guaranteed he was not. We’ve all been assured that the plane going down was not terrorism, and we all know — we know — that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, therefore there’s no possible way the copilot could have been a Muslim. Case closed, no further investigation or reporting needed.

  9. OFD says:

    “OFD repeats himself on a regularly scheduled basis.”

    What? What???

    It’s not regularly scheduled. Geez.

    Even if that co-pilot WAS a hadji nutcase, the guys who tweak the nooz cycles will make it come out that it was a right-wing homophobe racist Southern redneck gun nut instead, if at all possible. But that’s kind of a stretch, so they’ll settle for just providing bare minimum biographical details and blow off any hadji tendencies and say the guy just snapped! Or they just don’t know and an investigation is underway at this time (not any other time) and further speculation would be non-productive, etc.

  10. OFD says:

    “I’ve also pointed out President OshitForBrains many weaknesses as President.”


    Mrs. OFD will bridle a bit when I make fun of the Incumbent asshole but then I remind her that I did the same, if not worse, for the two Bush regimes.

    Of the current crop I’m liking Patrick Buchanan. Oh wait…

  11. brad says:

    From all indications, the co-pilot was a completely normal guy. Definitely not Muslim or anything of the sort. It is currently a mystery why he would want to commit suicide at all, much less in such a fashion.

  12. pcb_duffer says:

    I strongly disagree with the current President’s policies and decisions, as was true of his predecessor. But I can do so without resorting to name calling.

  13. OFD says:

    There, you see? Our own Mr. brad has already begun promulgating the media nabobs’ disinformation.

    Listen, Mr. brad; we know full well it was an ISIS suicide co-pilot and he was under direct orders from this guy:

  14. OFD says:

    “But I can do so without resorting to name calling.”

    So can I, but name-calling is fun!

    I routinely had names for each Bush, also Clinton, and plenty more for our other war-criminal Presidents.

  15. MrAtoz says:

    So can I, but name-calling is fun!

    That’s because you too are a rayciss.

  16. Lynn McGuire says:

    So when Israel nukes Iran, is Obola gonna be surprised?

    BTW, apparently the USA is providing air cover for Iran to attack ISIS positions.

    Who are we fighting now?

  17. Lynn McGuire says:

    He’s in middle school but he’s a really big boy, about as tall as I am.

    Good night, that is a big kid since you are 6’4″?

  18. OFD says:

    Yeah, this regime negotiates with Iran and provides air cover for their anti-ISIS ops; but part of the regime wants to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age. Then we have a whole boat-load of different hadji groups, some of which we help and give money and arms to, and others we wanna bomb back to the Stone Age. Next month all these positions will reverse. But we’ll send our kids over to do the usual schtick anyway, regardless.

    See why I keep repeating myself and saying it’s just like Oceania and Europa in Orwell’s “1984?”

    Now let’s all have a 60-Second-Hate for this week’s Official Enemy.

    Remember, too, in the United States of Amnesia, that our enemies 70 years ago were Germany and Japan. 40 years ago it was North Vietnam. Who will it be 40 years from now or 70 years from now? Will our g-g-g-grandkids be going off to get mangled and killed in those? WTF does it take?

  19. Lynn McGuire says:

    Yes, with Imam Obola, the USA is at war with everyone. Especially ourselves.

    BTW, did you know that Israel has a nuclear arms program?

    I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you.

  20. MrAtoz says:

    Yes, with Imam Obola, the USA is at war with everyone

    Another rayciss!

  21. OFD says:

    There it is, Mr. Lynn; we at war wid da whole world and it at war wid us and den we at war wid ourselves, soon to be another major motion picture titled “Civil War II.”

    Wait–Israel has a nuke weapons program???

    Haha, yah, they’ve only had it since I was in 8th-grade down in Maffachufetts. But hey, that’s OK! India and Pakistan have them, too, and that’s also OK! North Korea has them but we ain’t about to do diddley-squat about that, are we?

    Just can’t let the Iranians have them, I guess, though on what fucking grounds as opposed to the Norks, Indians and Pakis I fail to comprehend, being the complete moron I am and ahistorical cretin. Our neocon masters know better, evidently.

  22. nick flandrey says:

    ” on what fucking grounds as opposed to the Norks, Indians and Pakis I fail to comprehend,”

    I think this falls under our desire for the continued existence of Israel, and a desire to NOT see another nuke power in the middle east.

    Iran’s leaders (for whatever values of “leaders” are appropriate) have repeatedly, emphatically, and often stated their desire to see Israel ‘wiped off the map.’ They have quite literally published maps that don’t include Israel. Until they have a nuke and a credible delivery system, they’re just howling in the wind.

    Many people believe that their first “above ground nuclear test” will be centered on Israel.

    They are not rational people in the western tradition of ‘rational.’ Don’t make the liberal progressive mistake of thinking they are just like us with different food. Aliens are alien.

    I’m left to judge them by their stated goals, my experience with other religious fanatics, and personal experience with people from the region, and I believe their public statements. They want the Jews GONE.

    If as a nation it is in our interest to have a real ally in the region, and to ensure the continued survival of Israel as a nation, then stopping these guys is critical.


    And we do worry about the others, particularly the NORK propensity to transfer nuke tech to those who would do us harm. It’s just that you can’t do much to a nuclear power without risking the retaliation, which is the whole point of nukes in the first place.

  23. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Obama’s actions regarding Iran have predictable results. Left unchecked, Iran will develop a nuke and a delivery system. Before that point is reached, Israel, which would face an existential threat from Iran, will eradicate that threat with its own nukes. Obama and the Iranians are both too stupid to understand the implications.

  24. OFD says:

    I guess I’m on a different wavelength: I don’t care if Israel exists or not and its dissolution would probably be in the interests of world peace. I’m very, very far from a libtard prog. We wouldn’t need a “real ally” over there if we got the hell out of Over There and minded our own business. I also believe that Persian people really are more or less just like us only with different food and language and that it’s their wack job imams and government that constitute a potential threat. Just as it is our government which threatens every country/regime around the world that annoys us this week, next week, etc.

    But like Dr. Bob says, if the Israeli regime finally feels itself under imminent threat of destruction, they’ll strike first with their own nukes and we’ll probably provide the air cover for them. Peeps here will cheer lustily but will be woefully unprepared, as usual, for the inevitable blowback.

    All this sturm und drang keeps our attention off what our own regime is doing to us, as is probably the objective.

    We need to either run the business of Empire like the Romans did or if we don’t have the will to do that, cut it loose and get out of that line of work once and for all.

  25. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I don’t really care what happens to Israel other than in the sense that in a fight between any muslims and non-muslims I’m going to cheer for the non-muslims to slaugter the muslims.

    Nor do I care, for example, what happens to Greece. In fact, it richly deserves whatever bad happens to it. The Greeks have been spending other people’s money for a long time now, and I have no sympathy for them now that the OPM has run out.

    What I do care about is follow-on effects in either case. If Israel is forced to cut loose with its nuke arsenal to keep from being wiped off the map, that’s not going to remain a local affair.

  26. Lynn McGuire says:

    I care about Greece and Israel as I have customers in both places. And I have customers in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many others. In fact, we are owed $20K from Greece right now and beginning to wonder if we will ever get paid. All of these countries with cash controls (Greece, India, Pakistan, etc) make it difficult for small companies like ours to get paid.

  27. OFD says:

    “… that’s not going to remain a local affair.”

    Agreed, pretty much.

    Blowback will haunt us but good and hard.

    As it has already.

    By our continued meddling in various places around the world; did we learn nothing from the British Empire’s mistakes? I guess that’s too far back in the mists of time, and even more so for the Roman Empire, here in the United States of Amnesia.

    Taki kind of cares what happens to his homeland but even he’s pretty much thrown up his hands; what more can he or we do? Many more of us will be throwing up our hands here as time goes by, I fear.

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