Day: February 1, 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

07:26 – Barbara spent last night at home. She’s spending tonight with her dad, and then her sister is covering Saturday and Sunday nights, with Barbara back on duty next Monday and Tuesday nights, if necessary. We’re hoping her mom will be back at home by next week.

I’m still working on science kits. We’re in pretty good shape right now, with roughly 40 kits in stock. I’m trying to get 60 more chemistry kits ready to assemble, followed by 60 more biology kits, followed by 60 life science kits.

08:24 – I’m off to sit in the den, watch Heartland re-runs, and label bottles. Thousands of them. Barbara usually does the bottle labeling on weekends while she watches stuff on Netflix streaming, but she’s been pretty busy with her parents lately so I’ll try to take up some of the slack.

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