Friday, 20 July 2012

09:44 – Another mass shooting in Colorado, just down the road from where the Columbine shootings occurred in 1999. News reports differ, with some reporting 12 dead and others 14. All agree that there are many wounded. Apparently, no one in the theater audience was armed, or at least there are no reports of anyone in the audience returning fire. As is too often the case, the shooter was unharmed.

The sudden flurry in kit orders we experienced recently almost certainly resulted from a mention in MAKE Magazine. I couldn’t figure out why things had suddenly heated up, because now should be a dead time. People are on vacation, not thinking about buying homeschooling materials. So now we’re back to normal, with two or three kit orders some days and none or one other days. That’s the level I expected for this time of year. Orders should start coming in faster in August, particularly from mid-August onward through September and into October. Meanwhile, we’re building inventory.

12:15 – Periodically, I need to take a break from doing kit stuff. I don’t normally eat lunch, so I sometimes go back and stretch out on the bed to read or take a short nap. Other times, I’ll go watch/re-watch something on Netflix streaming that Barbara either doesn’t want to watch or doesn’t want to watch again.

Speaking of which, we should finish up series two of Lying Little Pretties tonight. That series is very highly rated, both on Netflix and IMDB, but don’t believe it. The cast is good, but the writing isn’t. In fact, it’s terrible. There are plot holes you could drive a truck through. Hell, a supertanker. At first, it seems that the main characters are simply stupid, but it goes further than that. Even stupid people don’t do the kinds of things the writers have their main characters doing. It’s kind of like those old horror movies where the woman who’s being stalked by an axe murderer (and knows it) hears a sound in the basement. So she goes to the basement door. The light switch doesn’t work. So she goes down the stairs into the dark basement. Even that woman wouldn’t be stupid enough to do the things the main characters do in this series.

For example, one of the characters is a high-school teacher who’s carrying on a sexual affair with one of the main characters, who’s a 15-year-old student when the affair begins. Okay, fine. It happens. A minor character, a friend of the teacher, even warns him at one point that he’s cruising for “a pink slip and an orange jumpsuit”. So, what do this teacher and his pretty little girlfriend decide to do? They sit down with her parents, who are also teachers, and tell them what they’re doing. Geez. And the teacher is one of the *smarter* characters in this series.