Sunday, 1 July 2012

08:33 – And, speaking of OMGWO inventory, with two more orders arriving overnight, we’re just about out of chemistry kits. Fortunately, we’re ready to start building another batch of 30, other than the shortage of 250 mL glass beakers. And I just realized that I have a supply of unused 250 mL glass beakers in my lab that I can use until the new shipment of 144 arrives.

As of today, we’ve begun accepting orders for science kits shipped to Canadian addresses. The kits cost $40 more than kits shipped to US addresses, which covers the additional shipping cost. We’ll ship via USPS Priority Mail International, which delivers the boxes to Canada Post, which delivers the boxes to the customers. From what I’m told, Canada Post may or may not hold the boxes for delivery in order to collect sales tax. Apparently, that’s totally random, and depends on whether Glenda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West happens to be on duty that day.

Although we’re accepting orders as of now, we won’t actually begin shipping kits until I finish going through all the hoops to get an export license number. We should be able to start shipping kits by mid-July or so, at which point we’ll give priority to shipping backorders from Canadian customers.