Day: December 17, 2011

Saturday, 17 December 2011

10:06 – Barbara and I are both impossible to buy for. When we need something, we just buy it. Neither of us have any interest in having the latest gadget or keeping up with the Joneses. Barbara doesn’t care about clothes or jewelry or perfume or flowers or any of the other stuff that men usually buy as gifts for women, so that makes it difficult for me to come up with gift ideas.

And I’m even worse. Barbara is not the first person who’s told me I’m impossible to buy for. I don’t want much, and when I need something I buy it. Here’s how bad it really is. Barbara was delighted yesterday when I told her that I’d just ordered some stuff that could be her Christmas gift to me. It was 37 prepared microscope slides and five grams of Eosin Y stain. So both of us are marketers’ and advertisers’ and retailers’ worst nightmare. How can we not be interested in “consuming” the crap they’re pushing?

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