Saturday, 12 December 2015

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08:21 – We’re having a real warm spell in Sparta. It’s to be 68F (20C) today and tonight the low is only 50F (10C). The warm spell is to last through this coming Friday, when it’ll be back to highs in the 30’s and lows in the 20’s.

We were watching Endeavor last night and they had a parade celebrating something or other. One of the characters commented that Britain had never been invaded. Actually, Britain is invaded and conquered about every thousand years, like clockwork. A thousand years ago, the Normans did it, and a thousand years before that, the Romans. And that doesn’t even count the Anglo-Saxon invasion from about 500 to 700. Britain is just about due, and sure enough it’s being invaded right now by moslem hordes. There may not always be an England.

I’m rejiggering our network today, so I may not be responding to comments here for a while. The powerline networking stuff came in yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting it set up.

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  1. lynn says:

    My son has reintroduced me to Scott Adams blog. Adams has been following Trump for several months now and says hat Trump just “sealed the deal”. “The Trump Immigration Surprise – the Trap is Half-Sprung”

    “As you know, Donald Trump has offended 90% of the media and nearly a third of the country with his idea of temporarily banning Muslim immigration. That’s some crazy Hitler stuff, say the headlines.”

  2. OFD says:

    “Britain is just about due, and sure enough it’s being invaded right now by moslem hordes. There may not always be an England.”

    Sure, why not. They’ve been invading France and Germany and now les flics are discovering arms caches in various French locations, what a shocker! Look at any of the pics or vids and it’s 90% young males, all looking sullen and angry, and they had to have spent thousands to get from whatever shit-hole sandbox region all the way through the Balkans and Europe to just outside Heathrow. And our Dear Leader and his minions, with the tacit approval of the rulers, of course, is doing the same thing here to us. Bring in hundreds of thousands of hadji scum and disarm us at the same time is the plan, looks like. Let’s see how that works out in actual practice, though.

    Scott Adams, from his blog:

    “I am not smart enough to know which candidate would do the best job of being president. They all look qualified to me.”

    You can read that at least two ways: either Adams the millionaire cartoonist is a tool and actually thinks any of those friggin’ clowns are qualified, or…he’s saying that any of them are qualified to be a WH sock puppet for the actual rulers, which is probably true.

    It don’t matter anyhow; we can see pretty easily what they have planned for us; impoverishment, Turd World status, and a Hobbesian war of all against all. While they sit back and enjoy the show. Mass die-off fazes them not at all.

  3. Roy Harvey says:

    I have a vague memory that rather a long while ago Cowboy Slim had powerline network stuff, and then had much improved performance after he replaced it with ethernet. Hopefully your experience with current products will be better.

  4. lynn says:

    If Trump did not have my vote already, he would have it for this, “Saudi Prince calls Trump ‘disgrace to America’”:

    “الوليد بن طلال ✔

    You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America.

    Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win.”

    “Donald J. Trump ✔

    Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected. #Trump2016”

  5. OFD says:

    I wonder how their wealth compares, i.e., the Soddy Prancers and Chumpster, in billions.

  6. MrAtoz says:

    I am a Climate Jihadist!

    According to some comments I read after the Climate Ejaculation farce in Paris, some nutjob thinks CE is caused solely by the US Military.

    I am proud to have served and contributed to Climate Ejaculation!

    Trump 2016! “Fuck the Saudis”

  7. OFD says:

    “I am proud to have served and contributed to Climate Ejaculation!”

    Ditto. Even for my paltry eight years total. That’s gotta be worth something in CE units. How do those units get measured, anyway? Ounces? Pints? By weight or volume? C’mon science wizards, clue us in!

    Buchanan 2016! Fuck Everyone Else!

  8. OFD says:

    Great nooz, Trumpeteers!

    And meanwhile, the Iranian communist who “advises” Obummer as she gazes up at her very own anemic mullah with rapt adulation in all the pics, sez more gun control is on the way:

  9. Ray Thompson says:

    Cowboy Slim had powerline network stuff, and then had much improved performance after he replaced it with ethernet

    It is much better. I have a couple of small clients that use them without difficulty. Wireless was almost useless because of the construction of the dwelling. Running a wire was not an option due to cost as it had to use a rather difficult route. Installed a couple of power line adapters and all is well. I was surprised. Not as fast as wired, but faster than the wireless.

  10. lynn says:

    You know, I kinda doubt that we will see the Trumpster walking hand in hand with a future or present King of Saudi Arabia.

  11. lynn says:

    I wonder how their wealth compares, i.e., the Soddy Prancers and Chumpster, in billions.

    You cannot compare billions with trillions. The House of Saud is worth well over ten trillion dollars. That is just their net cash deposits in western banks. You might have also heard that they own an oil company, Saudi Aramco, and a few oil wells.

  12. lynn says:

    BTW, Scott Adams thinks that the Trumpster’s VP will be Mark Cuban. I am thinking Ted Cruz. Either way, what a slate!

    “But reality is the opposite. Trump owns the Republican Party for all practical purposes because he has both the will and the means to annihilate it if they treat him wrong. And I think most of the country would see that as a fair response. Even Trump haters would bristle at the thought of ignoring the plurality-winning candidate. That would be a death wish.”

    “Update: Mark Cuban had some “harsh words” for Trump. Does that mean he is out of the running for VP? According to the 2D filter, yes, absolutely. But according to the 3D filter, where irrationality reigns, he remains top choice.”


    “Because you trust Cuban to stop Trump from doing whatever it is that you’re afraid of him doing. That’s your safety valve. VPs are often useless, but Cuban would not be. And you know he wouldn’t roll over.”

    “Prediction: Cuban is still on the short list, but Trump isn’t focusing on the VP choice yet. After nomination, assuming Trump drifts to the center, Cuban will have fewer objections. And for someone of Cuban’s talents, the VP job is a free ticket to the presidency.”

    And I love this comment:

    “I have to admit that I’m not crazy about Trump but I would send $10 to a crowdfunding site to ensure a Trump / HRC debate. I’m ESPECIALLY not crazy about HRC, but I would love to be watching the debate and see her make some kind of remark about Trump embarrassing the country, to have Trump reply:”

    “”Embarrass the country? I would never do that. People tell me all the time that I could never do that. What, do you think I would do something like have sex with an intern in the oval office? Now that would embarrass the country, but I would never do that to my beautiful wife, she is so beautiful, people tell me all the time how beautiful she is, just look at her. BUT, if I did do something like that to my beautiful wife SHE would have the integrity to call me a pig for it in front of the whole country!””

  13. OFD says:

    “…I kinda doubt that we will see the Trumpster walking hand in hand with a future or present King of Saudi Arabia.”

    Never say never; who’da thought Shrub would be doing that on his ranch back in the day? Or that the Prez after him would always be bowing to them?

    “You cannot compare billions with trillions.”

    True, dat, hombre. But still, a guy like Chumpster probably can’t be bought by the likes of those scum. You should read what Taki sez about them; and I don’t mean run of the mill hadji peasants; he knows the princes and kings from way back. They’re scum.

    As for Lady MacBeth of Little Rock and her big lovable lug of a husband back in the day, we have it on multiple good authorities that she called him a lot worse things than “pig” and threw stuff at him and left him with scratches, cuts and bruises. They’re both pigs and scum and he’s a friggin’ pervert. This is what we have in this country for political leaders, plus, of course, the slate of slick RINO operators waiting in the wings, per usual, to do the exact same chit as their Dem co-conspirators.

    God help us all. World War IV and a second civil war if things keep going the way they’re going. The insane chimps have taken over the fucking zoo.

  14. brad says:

    We just had a funny one here. There was a group of 20 or so muslim “refugees” that had been put up temporarily in a hotel or somesuch, until their refugee housing was ready.

    Their housing is an old civil-defense bunker: underground, bunk beds, not exactly luxurious. When it was ready a couple of weeks later, they were taken there, saw what kind of place it was, and refused to go in.

    To the Swiss government’s immense credit, they were told: fine, it’s winter, but if you’d rather sleep outside, that’s up to you.

    They went in.

  15. dkreck says:

    I don’t know what yer smokin’. Having about 1/3 of the idiots supporting you is not a winning number, 2/3 still don’t like him. In fact he’s number one for least liked too. Trump has nothing to offer but hot air. Maybe that should be hot gas. His only real claim to fame is he’s made a lot of money (guess what? he’s also lost a lot too and screwed the rest of us in the process).
    I sure hope all this talk here is as much horseshit as Trump is. All he’s doing is helping that crazy bitch.

  16. nick says:

    Big wind here this AM. Sounded like about 60-70MPH but only lasted for a few minutes. I’ve got some branches down from the oak in front, up to 4″ in diameter. Missed the house by inches.

    A much smaller branch took out my dual band antenna, and then my flag pole (sticking out from the house.) The big discone looks fine.

    All the inflatable decor I got put up last night is still there. For some reason, I really tied it down.

    Wind was followed by rain. A couple of inches in an hour, and still coming down light and steady.

    Looks like free firewood, I guess….


  17. OFD says:

    We get those winds all the time here, which is why I’m concerned about ANY antenna configs I put up outside.

    “All he’s doing is helping that crazy bitch.”

    Of course. That’s the deal. And it’s a done deal, unless she implodes or has a major stroke/heart attack before the election. Sanders fulfills the same role on the other side. The Repub idiots are now floating Cruz; next month they’ll spin Rubio or Jebster or bring Romney back in. That’s a done deal, too; they’ll be guaranteed to lose no matter what they do and we’ll have the bloodthirsty psycho hag for eight years, which is the plan.

    Maybe even half the eligible voters will vote this next time, but as for any RINO hopes, they’re dead in the water thanks to the demographics said RINOs have enthusiastically supported along with their Dem co-conspirators since the 1960s.

  18. nick says:

    @OFD, I think the antenna would have been fine if the 6 ft long branch didn’t hit it.

    I have my discone and dual band mounted off the front of the house from the fascia of the second floor bump out. They are mounted on short poles, stuck into flag pole holders. They are completely over hung by a large live oak. NOT recommended placement or mounting technique at all. Despite that, the discone (on a five foot rake handle) was fine. The dual broke at the flagpole angle adjuster, which is its weak point. On the other hand, it didn’t rip the mount out of the fascia board…

    The flagpole holders were handy and quick. I guess this time I’ll use an antenna pole mount 🙂

    NB- chimney mounts are not recommended for anything big, as the chimney doesn’t really have strength in the directions needed to resist wind loads on a big antenna.


  19. nick says:

    BTW, voted in our local run off election yesterday.

    Looks like the dem “lift the caps on taxes and spend spend spend” won by a few thousand votes. Your vote DOES matter, at the local and regional level.


  20. dkreck says:

    Trump’s an egotistical asshat. Actually I’m just as much for many of the ideas he professes as these low information knuckleheads. I don’t believe Trump is interested in any of it however, just tossing shit bombs to get attention.

  21. nick says:

    Is it possible to run for national office WITHOUT being an egotistical asshat?

    And is it possible to withstand the crushing responsibility of the job without an unshakable sense of self?

    I’d think you would need a bedrock level to build on or be overwhelmed and subsumed by the conflicting demands.

    That seemed to be Carter’s problem. Blowing in the wind.

    And I believed that Bush had a bedrock understanding that there was evil in the world and he would fight it (whether he correctly identified it, or effectively fought it, well…)

    Egotism backed by a history of accomplishment = strong leader

    Egotism backed by a history of being puffed up without any real challenges or accomplishments = weak and distracted leader = obammy


    Think about the mental state to even consider putting yourself forward for the job, yes I am the best choice to be the most powerful individual in the world….

  22. OFD says:

    “…chimney mounts are not recommended for anything big, as the chimney doesn’t really have strength in the directions needed to resist wind loads on a big antenna.”

    Yeah, I was out yesterday checking the possibilities on the roof; the chimney is in a prime spot for getting the worst possible wind blasts from our south, which is where most of them originate. I was also looking at dropping the antenna wires from the inside locations where the radios are (attic workshop and my office) and running them along the rear roof line out to trees in the back yard, the farthest out which are about 150 feet. This would involve, at worst, climbing up on the back porch roof and then flinging the weighted lines out over the highest branches I can. Plus using indoor antennas, at least up in the attic space, running a line around the entire inside perimeter.

    “Your vote DOES matter, at the local and regional level.”

    Indeed. I voted in our last “special” election recently where the issues were construction of a new highway department building/complex (which wouldn’t have taken any additional money out of the town’s budget currently, and the existing complex is RIGHT ON the lake shore, which everyone is supposedly worried about, and falling apart) a new salt shed for them (which they would have built themselves, again at no additional cost to the town) and the junk ordinance. Only about 600 or so peeps voted out of a possible 4,000 or so, and they turned down the new highway department buildings but voted FOR the stupid junk ordinance.

    Watch them turn out in droves, like complete friggin’ morons, for the national elections coming up, though. Where their vote does NOT count.

    This sorta thing tends to lead to…despair…which is a sin.

    Bright sunny day again with temps in the 60s, and wife off to Georgia.

  23. OFD says:

    Some places where Cankles and Billy Jeff get their money:

    Added to their current hundreds of millions. Not bad for a couple of chiseling small-town shysters from Arkansas, eh? With a trail of bodies behind them…

  24. dkreck says:

    Is it possible to run for national office WITHOUT being an egotistical asshat?

    And is it possible to withstand the crushing responsibility of the job without an unshakable sense of self?

    Of course Nick, you’re right on all counts.

    I guess I’m just frustrated watching the whole news cycle revolve around Trump and his mouth. I should go do something useful. As JP says ‘Despair is a sin’.

  25. OFD says:

    I should have correctly attributed that quote to JP; I’ve seen him saying it for decades, after all. Despair is the instinctive and rational human response to the crap that’s been going on for so long in this country in particular and the West in general. The late James Burnham’s book title concerning this stuff was/is “The Suicide of the West.” Many other books and articles and net sites since then about it but the slide downhill continues anyway.

    Truth be told, that link I posted above on where Cankles gets some of her money could easily apply to any of the other criminal scum who purport to “lead” the country, including Repubs and phony conservatives. Trump indeed has a very checkered past of how he made and lost various fortunes and screwed over many thousands of ordinary Mundanes in the process, about which we hear nothing now.

    Orwell and the late Paul Fussell discussing him would call it “the power of facing unpleasant facts,” and among them currently are the fact that very likely Cankles has been annointed for the White House sock puppet job for eight years.

    Another miserable fact is that elections and voting and parties at the national level are merely a charade and a sucker’s game, like our stock markets; the only winners are the top dawgs and high rollers; us Mundanes are always and everywhere destined to lose.

    A third very unpleasant fact is that the current system is unsustainable, and where previously one might have said it’s because of our financials, I mean, really, $200 trillion in debt? That’s never gonna be paid off, we all know it. But now it’s increasingly unsustainable thanks to the radical changes in demographics and political, social, economic and religious polarization. The United States of America is not gonna be around in its current incarnation a whole lot longer, and it’s amazing, really, that it’s lasted this long, compared with other governments around the world. We’ve pissed and shat on it and now it’s going down, and my guess is that it’s too late to save it.

    The breakup COULD be relatively painless and dealt with calmly and rationally but it won’t be; it’s likely to be a real bad mess for a long time; our kids and grandkids and so on will be dealing with it.

    What can I do about it? Realistically? Prepare us here for an increasingly uncomfortable and probably dangerous old age, and try to get the right info and intel to our kids and grandkids as best we can. By talking to them, even when they blow us off and shine us on, and by passing on to them, in my case, a handful of extremely important books/ideas they need to at least look at sometime. If they can bear to turn away from the iPads, tee-vees and internet, that is. They ought to least know what we had before and how we got to this miserable end.

  26. MrAtoz says:

    And it’s a done deal, unless she implodes or has a major stroke/heart attack before the election

    Yes, please!

  27. MrAtoz says:


    Libturds are all over the net congratulating themselves for saving the World from Climate Ejaculation. Yet, jack shit has been done at this point. Nothing signed, nothing legal, and, I pray the Senate will tell Obola to shove it. There have to be enough Dumbocrats who fear losing their gravy train to vote no.

  28. MrAtoz says:

    Trump’s an egotistical asshat.

    Yep. I believe if he is our next President, he will kick the can so far down the road I’ll die of natural causes before the gummint grabs my pension, SS, Medicare, etc.

    Or, he could destroy the country faster than Cankles and Huma munching carpet while BJ watches.

  29. MrAtoz says:

    Oh, yeah:

    Trump 2016!

  30. MrAtoz says:

    lol I found this link explaining why some men are gay.

    View at your own risk! lol

  31. dkreck says:

    Thanks MrAtoz. Now my despair is complete.

  32. OFD says:

    Why is there only the one choice between being homosexual and being straight all the friggin’ time, esp. when confronted by pics of HildeBeast, Huma, or any other of the bevy of bodacious beauties we see always from the Left? Can’t a guy just be asexual or non-practicing straight? It’s not like we don’t have plenty of examples of that in our history and literature.

    Fuck despair; there are signs that more Murkan derps are waking up and being righteously pissed off and doing something about it. Look at all the interest in prepping, for one example; for another look at the massive increase in firearms sales. Are they all cognizant of the historical reasons for our mess and are they hip to the latest potential ideas and solutions for getting out if it? Maybe not, but ya gotta start somewhere. First things first; get a handle on feeding and protecting you and yours and then we’ll move on from there. Forget about counting on Our Nanny the Almighty State to do it for us much longer.

    Lock and load, hombres!

  33. ech says:

    I don’t think all our presidents were egotistical asshats. All are somewhat egotistical, having great self-assurance. The asshat part is whether you know your own limits. Both Bushes, Reagan, and Clinton seemed to be able to work with people that were smarter than them on various issues and make decisions. Obama has been quoted as thinking he is a better speechwriter than his speechwriters, better political director than his political director. That’s arrogance in the extreme. I’ve mentioned that a friend was on a state panel that reviewed programs for the mentally handicapped (he has a son that will never get above about 5 in intelligence) and met with the younger Bush when he was governor. Bush ran meetings like the MBA and former CEO that he was. He arrived on time, had read his briefing book, asked questions, made decisions. From what I understand that’s how he ran the White House. Obama’s White House is, by all accounts, totally dysfunctional.

  34. OFD says:

    Along somewhat related lines:

    “Americans are not terminally stupid. They know instinctively that the Wolf is actually at the door. They sense that “The Powers That Be” (TPTB) are eager to sacrifice the nameless proletariat for profit and amorphous lofty, humanistic goals … but mostly for their own private enrichment. We can all only hope that Americans are not willing to go quietly.”

  35. OFD says:

    Fun nooz squibs from Taki’s mag site for this past week, and as always, the comments are often side-splittingly funny:

  36. dkreck says:

    Now Merkle nude too. At least she was younger.

    I use an extension on Chrome called Hover Zoom. As soon as you mouse-over an image link it appears. Both Cankles and Merk kinda popped-up.

    BTW I always look forward to TAKI, so un-PC.

  37. OFD says:

    Taki rocks; he’s been a masters-level judo champion for years and his site’s articles and accompanying comments are a riot. It’s amazing he hasn’t been shut down and/or hacked by now. I think I’ll skip that Chrome extension, thank you, esp. if those two pop up on it. Yikes. We quit Chrome a while back here; it got WAY too slow for some reason and stayed that way. Tried reinstalls to no avail. Moving off Things Google as fast as I can anyway, ditto Microslop. And will soon permanently blow away my old FaceCrack accounts that I haven’t used in over a year.

    Social media sucks. Although I guess you could call this a variety of social media.

  38. Robert Bruce Thompson says:


  39. OFD says:

    Ah yes, anti-social media here. We is anti-social HATERS. We should get buttons and bumper stickers printed up.

    So…got yer net all configured and jiggered and squared away down there?

  40. MrAtoz says:

    I love to hate.

  41. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Pretty much. All is connected and working fine, including the power-line network. I wasted a lot of time getting my roku2 working before I realized it wasn’t the roku3. And I have 63 new real emails.

  42. SteveF says:

    Social disease
    Social Security
    Social service
    Social media

    I’ve opted out of all but the first, and would opt out of that one if the socialists didn’t have more guns than I do.

  43. lynn says:

    You forgot social medicine (medicare). Try opting out of that when you turn 65.

  44. lynn says:

    And the other half of social medicine (medicaid). The feddies are doing wonders with medicaid nowadays.

  45. OFD says:

    “Arriving by bus with only $200 in his pocket, within only a few weeks, Jerome scored a state-supported apartment, monthly disability checks, obtained food stamps, and proceeded to spend his leisurely days watching television.”

    While homeless decorated combat vets sleep in gutters, on park benches or in crummy shelters during the winter before they’re kicked out again. Murkan priorities.

    After SHTF, though, peeps like Jerome won’t last long. Nor will the bureaucrats who got him all his goodies that working stiff loser Mundanes have to pay for.

    And by the way, when I went to that link, I got a RINO poll immediately with the cast of asshole RINO characters to choose from that I would happily put up against a firing squad wall, along with Obola, both Klintons, and so on. Just looking at their faces makes me wanna puke.

  46. brad says:

    Workfare, whatever happened to it?

  47. dkreck says:

    Too racist.

  48. JimL says:

    With the difficult times and such, it was deemed unfair to require people to work when others are unemployed.

    “Hunger is the best motivator”. I figure there’d be a durned sight less unemployment if people were hungry enough to take any job available.

  49. nick says:

    Today might be the first day of the economic collapse.

    A couple of high risk funds have packed it in, the Fed will be meddling, oil and gas are down, could be a bumpy ride.

    Got cash on hand?


  50. OFD says:

    “Got cash on hand?”

    25 bucks and change.

    But I’m gonna start keeping more of our income in cash henceforth. Or maybe I’m too late and we’re kinda screwed. Being unemployed I should take any job that comes up, unfortunately after SHTF up here, they’re likely to be logging, subsistence farming, maybe fishing crews, and repairing roads, bridges and dams, all stuff that would tax ol’ OFD’s physical resources pretty drastically after about, oh, an hour or two. Maybe they’ll let me be a clerk, you know, keeping records of all the stuff, and tutoring their kids in medieval epic poetry.

  51. MrAtoz says:

    Got cash on hand?

    I’m buying kamikaze drones for when “they” come for me.

  52. MrAtoz says:

    While homeless decorated combat vets sleep in gutters, on park benches or in crummy shelters during the winter before they’re kicked out again. Murkan priorities.

    Meanwhile, Ed Norton raises $390,000 for poor, poor Syrian scientist who lost his wife in a missile attack.

    Don’t forget, while uh yes, let’s *forget* the Vet!  Fucking Hollyweird. Our troops are fighting and dying yet actors raise money for incoming terrorists.

  53. OFD says:

    Don’t forget, fuck the vet. Same as it ever was. You’re only wanted so long as you’re still on active duty carrying a rifle, otherwise fuck you and good riddance. Same as it ever was, in all our wars. Kids gotta quit signing up; only way to end it. Or sign up for guaranteed home defense AT HOME, National Guard type stuff, defend borders, sea lanes, air space. No more foreign adventure clusterfucks that get us nothing but more trouble.

    Question comes up in group sometimes; ‘was it wrong to fight and kill the Communists?’

    My answer: “No. But we made a mistake. Instead of fighting and killing them in SEA, we should have been fighting and killing them in Washington, NYC, Hollywood, Chicago, etc.”

    This answer is not popular.

  54. DadCooks says:

    To use the show of agreement that my younger Brother In Arms uses:
    +1000 @OFD

    I may be a Bubble Head, but I didn’t burn holes in waters that I dare not mention to support an treasonous oligarchy that considers us defenders of The Constitution to now be the enemy.

    All tubes loaded, all doors open.

  55. OFD says:

    “Any era in which mere words are considered worse than murder is a dangerous era indeed. The problem seems to be that far too many people are sensing danger in all the wrong places.”

  56. Alan says:

    I’m buying kamikaze drones for when “they” come for me.

    Don’t forget to register them:

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