Day: October 28, 2015

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

09:02 – Still no word on the house. If it happens, it happens. Otherwise, we’ll just keep looking.

Someone mentioned that muslims consider “moslem” to be the most offensive way to label them, so I’ll try to use that form from now on. A month or so ago, the MSM were full of articles about tens of thousands of moslem invaders overrunning Europe, although of course they referred to them as “migrants” and “refugees” rather than calling them what they actually are, invaders. Over the last few weeks, such reports have almost disappeared from the MSM. One might almost believe that the invasion had failed and all the moslems had returned home.

My private correspondents in Europe tell a different story. In their view, western European governments have failed to stem this invasion, so ordinary citizens have had to take up the slack. They see these invaders for what they are, and don’t want them in Europe. Firearms purchases are way up, which is extraordinary given how hard it is in Europe for private citizens to buy guns. Ordinary Europeans don’t want these scum to settle in Europe, and seem to be taking steps on their own to make it very clear to the scum that they’re not welcome. Even Scandanavians, who may be the most laid-back people on the planet, are beginning to take violent action against the scum. I expect to see the violence increase. If their governments won’t put a stop to this invasion, ordinary citizens have no alternative to doing it themselves. Either that, or get out. I’ve heard from more than a few Europeans who plan to emigrate to the US, Canada, or Australia. It’s interesting that all of the popular destinations are in English-speaking countries.

11:55 – We’re just back from a very small Costco run. First time we’ve ever gotten out for less than $100, IIRC, other than maybe a time or two when we went just because Paul and Mary needed to make a run.

About the only prepping-related stuff we picked up were two 6-packs of Kirkland gallons of bottled water, a couple cans of Country Time Lemonade, and 1,152 ziplock bags, 1,000 sandwich size easy-open ones, and 152 gallon freezer. Barbara drinks the Kirkland water, and I covet the bottles for storing bulk staples. They’re heavy PET, and the mouths are wide enough to fill easily. They take forever to dry naturally, but it’s easy enough to add a pound or so of dry rice and shake it around to absorb moisture.

We decided to use those sandwich bags to package most of the seeds for the kits. They’re large enough to hold up to a pound of seeds each. We’re double-bagging and taping the bags closed to prevent any problems if they take a hit in shipping. We’ll enclose those bags in heavy foil-laminate Mylar bags, which should keep everything secure.

I’ve gotten several emails about lib/prog family members or friends who’ve purchased firearms and started to store food and other emergency supplies. What must it take to make it obvious even to progs that things aren’t going well? What must it take to get a prog to buy a gun? Geez.

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