Day: May 6, 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

08:26 – Barbara is cleaning house this morning and then heading off to her parents’ house for lunch. She’ll make a small Costco run on her way home.

I’m still working on the impression analysis lab sessions. Once I finish this group, all that remains are the groups on gunshot and explosives residues, forgeries and fakes, and forensic biology. Those and the front matter. I’m hoping to finish all of those with several days to spare before the 31 May deadline so that I can go back and do some polishing before submission and maybe even add a lab session or two.

I’ve been issuing purchase orders for materials for the forensic kits as I finish each group of lab sessions, so I’ve already accumulated a lot of stuff. The only exception is the chemical orders, which I’ll combine once I know everything I need to order.

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