Day: May 4, 2012

Friday, 4 May 2012

07:27 – I finished the group of lab sessions on revealing latent fingerprints yesterday, and got started on blood. I think we’ll include only one or two sessions on revealing bloodstains. The problem is that, with the exception of Kastle-Meyer reagent, blood reagents are (a) extremely expensive, too much so for a kit, and/or (b) very hazardous, and/or (c) require specialized equipment like a forensic alternate light source, and/or (d) just don’t work very well. Meanwhile, stuff for the forensic science kits is starting to accumulate in large piles.

Barbara is taking a day off work to run errands and get some stuff done around home. She had a pile of mulch dumped in the driveway yesterday. I estimate there’s about 3,058,207 mL of the stuff. Right after the guy left, Colin ran over to the pile, sniffed it, grabbed a mouthful, and ate it.

If you want to grab any O’Reilly ebooks, today’s the day. They’re having a 50% off sale on all titles, and all of them are DRM-free.

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