Portugal topples

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Here’s the best take I’ve found this morning on the impending collapse of the Eurozone, although, if anything, it’s still much too optimistic. The beginning of the end, indeed. Things are much nearer the end of the end than the beginning. We can only hope that the federal government and US banks throw no more money down this rathole.

If I had to guess, I’d say the three I’s, Ireland, Iceland (a provisional EU country), and Italy, will be next, followed shortly by Spain, then Belgium and France. Germany and the UK will be the last major EU countries standing, and even they aren’t too stable. Poor Switzerland. The only one of them with any sense.

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  1. BGrigg says:

    I say the next European Union, if there is one, should have the Swiss put in charge. They’ve proven that they can take different cultures and religions and forge one identity that works.

  2. Chuck Waggoner says:

    Geez, the Guardian is hardly a news source of anything but leftist propaganda.

  3. Miles_Teg says:

    You’d rather the News of the World, or The Sun?

    I like the Guardian and the Independent because they’re a bit more honest than Murdoch’s trash.

  4. James Chamier says:

    Whatever you believe about newspaper bias in the UK, there are a few to read, the Guardian and the Independent are good and free to read sites, and they still fit in the traditional “quality daily” category. The Times went paywall a couple of years ago. The Financial Times lets you read some articles. The Daily Mail is the sensible (!) tabloid, and some articles are good.

    Otherwise its the TV sites, such as BBC News (impossible to link to as the stories are constantly editing/changing) and sites such as Channel4.com/news

    That said – I think the person to watch is Mervyn King at the Bank of England, he seems to foresee and understand whats going on and he has no politicial pressue.

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