Saturday, 10 October 2015

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07:55 – Barbara is off to Mt. Airy today with Frances and Al, going to some sort of autumn fair.

Here’s What’s Behind Our Obsession With Zombies FTA:

It may not be a zombie apocalypse, but much of America expects some kind of apocalypse. In a beautiful city a mile or so from the Pacific one recent sunny Saturday morning, a line developed outside a gun store well before it opened. In the Age of the Zombie, the end of the world will take place not far away but at close range, and many Americans seem to have resolved to go down fighting.

The zombies are surrounding us and in many cases already among us. Like many other nice middle-class neighborhoods, ours is surrounded by infestations of underclass scum. Go a mile in any direction, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a zombie hellhole. It’s becoming obvious to more and more middle-class people that this will not end well for one side or the other, and we’re determined not to be on the losing side. The government isn’t going to fix this. Eventually, we’re going to have to fix it ourselves.

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  1. OFD says:

    Get away from the cities.

    Avoid cities.

    Learn your AO, or potential AO, real good. Get quality topo maps and link them to using your scanners. Listen to the scanners regularly and get an idea for what is currently “normal,” so when stuff starts getting sporty, you can spot the trend. Listen to the cheap AM radio and cheap portable tee-vee. Listening is twice as important as transmitting. Recon and locate areas of potential adversary populations, ditto law enforcement and mil-spec facilities. ID traffic chokepoints. Keep go-bags in the vehicles along with scanners.

    And EDC, 7×24; get comfortable with it, train with it, stock up on ammo, spare parts, tools, etc.

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    +1 (except that listening is more like 1,000 times more important as transmitting)

    Our broker commented that teenagers in Alleghany County (where Sparta is) have a problem preparing for their driver’s license exams because the county has no four-lane roads, zero. The only two real highways are routes 21 and 18, and being that it’s a mountainous area it wouldn’t be difficult to block them against refugees. They get blocked often enough without anyone actually trying to block them.

  3. OFD says:

    “They get blocked often enough without anyone actually trying to block them.”

    Locally here we only have three two-lane roads leading into the village, with two of them having bridges over wotta. There is excellent line-of-sight on all three and plenty of ambush locales in the heavily wooded areas alongside. Statewide, the two interstates are roller coasters, traversing many, many ravines, streams, rivers, etc., coming up from Megalopolis or down from Montreal, with lotsa bridges. Plus every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sue have GUNS!

    And I am told by one of our knowledgeable veteran peer support specialists that there are about 16,000 veterans in northern Vermont, all trained by various of the armed forces branches and most, of course, dating from ‘Nam onward. I can attest that my fellow ‘Nam vets are a very ornery, pissed off, and potentially very hostile bunch of people. Add to all of that the more recent incoming vets, who are also, many of them, apparently, violent. LE types would be smart to line up with us, the farmers, hunters and lumberjacks if the time comes.

  4. OFD says:

    ” I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere…than in any city on earth” – Steve Mcqueen”

    And from me here a couple of years ago:

    From a movie OFD saw years ago, a biker dope dealer: “This was a great country before the cities and lawyers.”

  5. lynn says:

    The middle class is rapidly shrinking. Just wait until three million truck drivers lose their jobs due to automating trucks. Heck, the trucks even get better mileage because they can draft each other at five ft apart.

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