Thursday, 23 February 2012

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08:50 – Brian Jepson sent a PDF yesterday of the first half of the biology book, just to show us how the layout looked. As always, it’s gorgeous. The O’Reilly/MAKE design/layout folks are top-notch.

My only substantive suggestion was to change the theme color from blue to green. The chemistry book is blue. Biology should be green, or as I told Brian, quoting Simon & Garfunkel, a “deep forest green”. And forensics should be a maroon or similar subdued red.

Speaking of the forensics book, Brian also told me he’d gotten the go-ahead on it. That means I’ll be spending the next three months re-writing the original manuscript to make it kit-based. At this point, we’re shooting to have the forensics book in bookstores in August, in time for the autumn semester. That’s really pushing it, but we can do it.

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  1. Chuck Waggoner says:

    Error Undoes Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results

    Ugh! Bad connector on fiber optic cable between a GPS unit and a computer appears to have caused the 60 nanosecond error.

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