Mon. Jan. 22, 2018 Beginning of a sad week

Hey all, just a placeholder to open the day.


While we mourn the passing of our friend, let’s take time to remember the impact he had on us and others, and celebrate the achievements and successes of his life.  (publicly or privately)


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Sun. Jan 21, 2018 A sad day for all of us

12:40pm. Bob passed away last night at the rehab center around 9pm. I had spent the afternoon with him. He was talking fairly clearly but coughing up a lot of junk from his lungs. I was at home when the rehab center called me last night. The nurse had just been in to check on him to settle him for the night. She went back in a few minutes later and he had stopped breathing. EMS got tried for everything but he was just too weak. His heart just could not take the strain of all the fluid. He had been battling that lung issue for about six weeks and it was not getting any better. The rehab facility was taking good care of him especially the respiratory folks. Frances and Al were at the rehab center when I arrived. Once the funeral home came to take him we left for their house. Al drove up about 1:15am this morning. I am doing a few things here then heading back down to WS. There will be no funeral service. My friends are mostly in Winston. His are all over the world. I will be seeing friends at Frances and Al’s on Tuesday afternoon. I will not be back up here until later this week.
Hayworth Miller Funeral Home in Winston-Salem will post his obituary sometime later today or tomorrow.

Nick, I pass the baton to you.


My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you Barbara and to your friends and family.  Bob’s death is a shocking loss.

Our continued best wishes to OFD and his family, and anyone else in our extended circle…



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Saturday January 20, 2018

It was 32 degrees, sunny, and winds of 15 to 20mph when I took Colin out at 8am.

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Friday January 19, 2018

It was 29 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:45.

I spoke with Bob’s nurse and rehab therapist by phone yesterday. Al went by to him late yesterday afternoon. They are working to get his legs stronger. He still has the secretions and coughing a lot of gunk up. Otherwise not really much in the way of any changes.

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Thursday January 18, 2018

It was 12 degrees and sunny with 40 mph wind gusts and a wind chill of -5 to -15 when I took Colin out at 8am. We had at least 4 inches maybe 5 by the time the snow moved out of here late yesterday afternoon.

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Wednesday January 17, 2018

It was 13 degrees and snowing when Colin went out at 8am. Looks like we’ve had about an inch so far. This is not to be a big snow maker for us in the mountains; 1 to 3 inches. Again, the coast of NC will get more than we will, which also happened a couple of weeks ago.

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Tuesday January 16, 2018

It was 21 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 8am.

Nothing new to report.

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Mon, MLK day, Jan 15, 2018 — Oh Rats! Nick posting

11:15am. Long story short. When I arrived at the facility yesterday around 11am the RT and PA were in the room. The RT had been having a problem with suctioning and the trach and was getting ready to call me. Bob was not in any distress and breathing okay but there was something going on with the trach that I felt the hospital needed to handle.I had them call EMT to take him to the emergency room. The hospital did replace the trach and treated him for a UTI and dehydration. At 5:15 the ER nurse said it would be 10pm before transport was available to take him back to the facility. They were keeping him suctioned and taking care of him so I headed to Frances’ picking up dinner on the way to her house. Al had already left Winston around 2:30 to come up here for the night. It was 11:15 when they called to let me know he was back to his room.
I stopped by this morning to talk with the head of nursing and the RT to make sure we are all on the same page. He was, of course, sleeping after the long day and night.
Just a placeholder stub for now, I may have some more on rats later.


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Sunday January 14, 2018

It was 10 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 8:15.

Al stopped by late yesterday afternoon to check on Bob. He was awake and talking pretty good. When I had spoke to his nurse and RT earlier for some updates he had been sleeping most of the time.

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Sat. Jan 13 RBT update

Nick, no such luck. It was 21 degrees, winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 and a few snow flakes flying around when we went out at 7:45.

Bob was not having as good a day yesterday. That is to be expected trying to get settled into a new place. I am sure he was tired after being transfered and settled in. He was sleeping when I arrived and the respiratory therapist said he had been sleeping all morning. I woke him up because the PT came in to access what needs to be done to get his legs stronger. I tried talking to him but he was not in the best of moods and was hard to understand. It will take time for him to adjust to a new place. It being a weekend he will not have any therapy sessions until starting Monday.
I’ve got to leave the house early, and I’m hoping Colin lets Barbara sleep in a bit, so here’s a placeholder to open the day.



Oh, and Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month….

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