Dec 6, Wed, Nick posting–

In the absence of our host, I will open the day.

Continued best wishes to Barbara and Bob. There was a setback but hopefully we will see continued improvement from here. Clearly it will be a longer road than we all hoped.

We remain steadfast supporters, for what that is worth. Know that you are not alone….

It as 29 degrees and windy at 6am when Al took Colin out.

I called the hospital at 6am this morning to check on Bob. There was slight movement on his right side but his blood count had dropped. Frances and I went to the hospital around 9:15. They had given him blood. He responded to pain when the nurse pricked his finger. When I went in and called his name he did open his eyes very briefly. I am back in Sparta and hopefully, if all goes well the rest of today and tonight will stay and Al can go back home.

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Tuesday December 5, 2017

It was 45 degrees, cloudy, and windy when Al took Colin at 7:30.

The hospital called me at 10:30pm Sunday night. Bob had coded and was back in ICU. I called Frances and Al, dressed, and headed for Winston. They were there and had been back to see him when he arrived at 11:50. We stayed at the hospital until 3am. They were starting him on a chilling protocol where they lower his body temperature for 24 hours and keep him heavily sedated to protect his brain function and other organs while he recovered. At this point we only knew he blood pressure had dropped and caused the event.

We went home to Frances and Al’s where we all dozed in recliners fully dressed just in case we got “the call”. At daybreak Al headed up here to take care of Colin and home front. I called to check on Bob. He was “stable” so we spent the morning resting. Dr. Lee called to let me know he had aspirated on the junk in his lungs which cause the crash not the heart.

We ran errands and had lunch then back to the house to rest and let Frances handle some stuff she needed to do via phone. We went out for a quick dinner then I called to check on Bob. He was still heavily sedated and “stable”.

This morning I called the hospital at 6am. They were warming him back up and would be trying to bring him slowly out of the sedation today. I headed back up here around 7am and Frances headed to work.

I will get things done here today then go back down to Winston this afternoon to stop at the hospital to check on things and to be in Winston just in case things go south again. Al will remain here taking care of the home front.

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Monday December 4, 2017

Just a quick post here so that RBT’s ‘world record’ of consecutive posts is maintained. (And to update a few plugins while I am here.)

Don’t have any news, but share my good thoughts on his recovery.

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Sunday December 3, 2017

It was 42 degrees and windy when I took Colin out at 7:45.

Once again, not much of an update. I did spend about an hour and half with him yesterday afternoon.

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Saturday December 2, 2017

It was 43 degrees, cloudy, and calm when I had Colin out at 7:45.

I did not go down to see Bob yesterday but I did talk with his nurse. She said he had been talking to them most of the morning and he was asking for me. She let me talk to him briefly on the phone. I told him I was taking the day off and ask him how he was feeling. He answered that it was okay I did not come down and said he was feeling okay.

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Friday December 1, 2017

It was 44 degrees and calm when I took Colin out at 7:30.

Things are pretty much the same as yesterday.

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Thursday November 30, 2017

It was 35 degrees with a light frost and calm when I took Colin out at 7:40.
Not much to report today. I did not go to Winston yesterday. Al visited Bob for me. He was alert and talking. The NG tube was still in. I called yesterday afternoon to talk to the nurse. She said the order was in to have it removed and start using the stomach tube.

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Wednesday November 29, 2017

It was 44 degrees and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:30.
Yesterday was another long day at the hospital. When I arrived at 10 I was told his stomach tube procedure had been moved to 1pm. It was 2 when they finally took him down and 5:20 when he was finally back in the room. The doctor did not allow the NG tube from his nose to be removed until this morning rounds. He still has a lot of congestion in his lungs.

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Tuesday November 28, 2017

It was 33 degrees with a light frost and calm when
I took Colin out at 7:30.
Bob gets his stomach feeding tube put in this morning. I spent several hours with him yesterday. With his nose tube out they plan to start getting him up in a chair and doing PT/OT. Hopefully getting better nutrition through the stomach tube will help him get stronger both physically and mentally.

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Monday November 27, 2017

It was 35 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:30.
Not much to report. I went to see Bob yesterday foe a couple of hours.The nurse told me he had been up all night Saturday which why he never really did wake up while I was there.

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