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Thur. Mar. 22, 2018 – I may have issues

Hey all, don’t know if my issues have resolved but here’s today’s open. Got a bunch of stuff to do out in the real world today too, so don’t know if I can troubleshoot. Page visits were down yesterday, so … Continue reading

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Wed. Mar. 21, 2018 – site issues, please be patient

Good morning all, mid-50s here and damp. See your breath weather…. There have been some site issues with hosting, in the immortal words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, DON’T PANIC. Rick is working to fix what broke, and things should be … Continue reading

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Tues. Mar. 20, 2018 – more of the same

Good news from RickH regarding the continuation of posted yesterday. Read thru his announcement, and take a look at the site to provide feedback please. About 60F and a bit drier here in Houston. NOAA says two days of … Continue reading

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Mon. Mar. 19, 2018 – Back from vacation, tired.

I feel like this is the first day back from vacation since it’s the first school day. REALLY should have worked on acclimating the kids to the time change…. 71F with misty drizzle in the Bayou City. Glad I got … Continue reading

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Sun. Mar. 18, 2018 – The best morning comes at the END of a good long day

Well, this wasn’t a best kind of morning, and in fact I haven’t had one of those in years. But sleeping in when you got up early and worked hard the previous day, especially when you have two little ones, … Continue reading

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Sat. Mar. 17, 2018 – at the Houston Hamfest

So y’all are on your own today, at least until this evening. nick

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Fri. Mar. 16, 2018 – what did you do to prep for LIFE?

71F, 94%RH and yep, back in Houston… Still, it looks like a nice day outside.– EDIT — started raining 🙁 This week, instead of what you did to prep specifically, what made you what you are today? What changed you … Continue reading

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Thur. Mar. 15, 2018 – another day another airplane…

Cool and clear here in Santa Fe. Yesterday it got warm enough to take off the jacket… Plan for the day is sightseeing, food, drive, fly, and home. Tomorrow get back in the swing at home and pack for the … Continue reading

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Wed. Mar. 14, 2018 – open post.

Late for breakfast. More later. Talk amongst yourselves…..

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Tues. Mar. 13, 2018 – friday the thirteenth comes on a tuesday this month

Clear windy sunny and COLD. Delicious carnitas last night, maybe the best I’ve ever had. Today more sightseeing and I’ve been threatened with a hike. Some of the more ‘active’ prepper/3per/militia sites are hammering away at people for physical conditioning. … Continue reading

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